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A serial startup founder who writes

This is a non-useful corner of the Internet, where I tell you stories.

Whether they’re true or fiction doesn’t matter much. I hope they leave you with thoughts and maybe even stir some feelings.

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How you’ve made me

The doctor informed me that she had only a few days left before she would pass away, due to the irreversible damage from the stroke. He urged me to make arrangements for her dignified death and to take as long as I needed to mourn and spend time with her. Once, she...

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What is love?

I just received the call on the secure phone line from the CIA. They warned me about Tokyo's fast reactions; following the escalation of conflicts between the United States and Japan an hour ago. "Your facial expression displays shocks and concerns after the call,"...

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Lost on You

He called me while driving through the countryside. On that Saturday evening, my spirits were low; we had been fighting. When his phone number flashed across my screen, I quickly answered, ready to apologize. There was a long silence. The quiet on his part was so...

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I’m Mai

A start-up founder who loves writing. Life and my start-up often get in the way, but I try to write as frequently as possible.

While I have been writing a lot of non-fiction since 2013 in the form of commentaries, lately I’ve discovered that the same narrative can often be more beautifully told as a story. I love discovering our emotional complexity through storytelling.