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A serial startup founder who writes

This is a non-useful corner of the Internet, where I tell you stories.

Whether they’re true or fiction doesn’t matter much. I hope they leave you with thoughts and maybe even stir some feelings.

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Strangers Again

Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Strangers again. It was one of those unremarkable business trips on a Friday, outbound from London to Vienna. The morning rain dazzled outside as I dragged my tired self to the Business Class lane. Throwing the Financial Times copy on the...

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He could not remember how long it might have been since she was gone. The thoughts of her came in waves of varying intensity, often happened once every few weeks. This time, his stream of thoughts were overwhelming, leaving him defenceless like a bird without feathers...

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Optimising Love

"Have you ever thought about optimising love?", she asked, after a few drinks. We were in a quiet Victorian bar with a high ceiling, wooden and leathery decor. "I don't think this is a rather appropriate topic." hesitantly, I replied. "Setting morality asides, there...

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I’m Mai

A start-up founder who loves writing. Life and my start-up often get in the way, but I try to write as frequently as possible.

While I have been writing a lot of non-fiction since 2013 in the form of commentaries, lately I’ve discovered that the same narrative can often be more beautifully told as a story. I love discovering our emotional complexity through storytelling.