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A serial startup founder who writes

This is a non-useful corner of the Internet, where I tell you stories.

These stories can be true, or perhaps fiction. It doesn’t really matter. My goal is for you to leave here with some thoughts, maybe some feelings.

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The beauty of a human-level machine

I have always been fascinated by human psychology and how our thoughts differ. To me, exploring how different our minds work is not only joyful but also a journey that requires a lot of patience and sympathy. I grow to hate the coined terms of psychological...

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My social network dream, five years later

Very few people know about this story of mine. These narratives are indeed the stories less told, just because, who’d like to publicise their failures, right?   It was my first shot at entrepreneurship when I was still a final year student at LSE. I remembered a...

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Citizen of Everywhere

I have been travelling recently and lost my identification documents. It was a surprising event because I, being the proud experienced traveller, have undertaken hundreds of trips and been to dozens of countries. I even had Bluetooth location trackers (i.e. this one)...

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I’m Mai

A start-up founder who loves writing. Life and my start-up often get in the way, but I try to write as frequently as possible.

While I have been writing a lot of non-fiction since 2013 in the form of commentaries, lately I’ve discovered that the same narrative can often be more beautifully told as a story. I love discovering our emotional complexity through storytelling.